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Four words propelled the career of Joseph Rossini at the three corporations he served between 1971 and 2001, prior to retirement: "WE LOVE OUR CUSTOMERS"

Since graduating from Penn State University in 1971, Joe has traveled the extra mile for most of the people he associated with. Beginning his professional career in Sales and Marketing, prior to PC's and Customer Relationship Management software, Joe learned that consistently exceeding his client's expectations was the quickest way to succeed in business. Never settling for second best, he helped propel every company he served, straight to the top in their marketplace. A stickler for details, he learned that time invested in strategic planning always paid off handsomely. Then near flawless execution, emphasizing a high return for time invested, enabled him to accomplish extraordinary goals regularly.

Joe fulfilled a twenty-five year goal when he retired on December 31, 2000 from Mechanic's Auto Parts Inc., now owned by Genuine Parts and trading under the NAPA marketing program. Along with his former Business Partners Joe York, Mike York and George Bensing, and a very competent management team, he was instrumental in helping grow the MAPI Network to 24 stores throughout NJ, PA and CT, by orchestrating "BEST PRACTICES" learned from many sources. He and his partners continue to own the Monroe Land Investments group of companies located in New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

Joe has been an avid reader of 25 different News, Business, Health and Technology magazines since the early 90's, and has read hundreds of books on business, philosophy and biographies of successful individuals. Since graduating from college 44 years ago, he has continually attended courses, seminars and workshops to learn and utilize the latest technologies and strategies available for high level management and productivity. He has already invested over 6000 hours, listening to 4600 educational audio recordings from his personal library. Swimming 1/2 mile a day and passionately managing his business and family interests, provides the impetus to enjoy a very happy life.

Away from the world of business and personal development, Joe invests time enjoying his relationship with his loving wife and family. Joe and Marysia have been happily married for 41 years and enjoy their quality time together. Their passions are cruising often, fine dining and sharing their resources and experiences with others. They also continue to develop website projects like this one and have recently launched their first i-Phone and Android App's named VizMarket, now available FREE at the Apple iTunes store and Google Play. Check them out!

They have three wonderful sons, a beautiful daughter in-law and two handsome grandsons to share their time and love with. Joe's family has always been the driving force for his tireless ambitions.

Through this website, Joe has been able to stay connected to his former clients, employees and vendors, as well as many friends and family members. He loves to share and wants to help Honest and Caring People live up to their potential and discover more happiness in their lives.

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