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Are You Getting Exactly Where You Want To Go? Written by Joe Rossini

This question has a great deal of significance to me, because I am investing the latter part of my life in helping other people “Get Exactly Where They Want To Go!” After quite a hectic career in the business world, I have been fortunate enough to be able to step back and become a true student of human behavior. My website "," has been named to describe what I believe is a basic human desire – to be happier today than we were yesterday.

Through, I have been in contact with members and visitors from around the globe. Some are people who have been reading my Personal Insights since the early 1990’s and we’ve had many business dealings together. Others are complete strangers that I will never meet. But those that venture to are all searching for methods, systems and inspiration to help make their daily lives more fulfilling.

I have learned that very few people actually invest the few precious moments that it takes to evaluate where they presently are in life, and then decide to map out exactly “Where They Want To Go.”

With the absence of a Personal Road Map, far too many people have no definitive destinations and just settle for working hard and traveling in circles. It’s sad enough when young adults are struggling to create their Personal Road Map. But it's even worse when individuals who are 50 or 60 years old realize that time and life has passed by at warp speed, and frustration instead of inspiration ends up as the result.

If you’ve fallen into that category, then there’s no better time then RIGHT NOW to make a change. No matter what your age, think about what gets you excited and start going after it. Don’t worry about if its “realistic.” As long as it doesn’t harm or use force against someone else’s person or property, it IS realistic.

Too many times people sell themselves short. They think that they’re too young or too old, too inexperienced or not good enough. And if that isn’t enough, they always seem to be friends with those who will gladly agree and provide further discouragement.

Wouldn’t it be disappointing to find out later in life that you could’ve done it had you only believed in yourself? Or what if you did believe in yourself, but decided to give up because someone else discouraged you? Wouldn’t that be even more disappointing?

This is your shot! If it’s going to happen, then it’s up to you to get it done.

Resistance, whether self-imposed or from others, is part of the challenge of life. But it ultimately must yield to persistence, just as darkness must yield to light and fiction must yield to truth. Your job is to be persistent and to not yield to the headwinds.

The headwinds will be filled with all types of intimidating stuff: the fear of failure, doubts, others telling you that you were crazy to even think you could accomplish your dream, and even more doubts. But do not yield, keep moving forward. When you get knocked down, get back up.

As Dorothea Brande wrote, “Act boldly and unseen forces will come to your aid.” In other words, your boldness will attract the assistance of others. The right people will “show up.” You will be at the right place at exactly the right time. It will seem like a miracle.

The above scenario has been replayed over and over throughout human history. Unfortunately the scenario of quitting has been replayed over and over to a much larger degree. Which will it be for you?

At, there's lots of inspiring Lessons, Personal Insights and Polls that took thousands of hours to produce. The core message from each slice of inspiration didn't change over the years. The message was always to TAKE ACTION NOW in order to make tomorrow and the foreseeable future “Exactly Where You Want To Be.”

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