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Are Your Plans Ready & Goals Set For 2014?
Written by Joe Rossini

Did you ever notice that most people spend more time planning a vacation, a wedding, or a birthday party than we do to plan our daily schedule, our business objectives, or our life's goals?

With a vacation individuals may have a travel agent plan their flights, their hotel arrangements, and even their restaurant reservations, and daily activities. If all the pieces fall in place as carefully planned it's a wonderful vacation. With weddings, a mother and daughter will plan every detail starting a year in advance. Guess what happens on the big day when all the t's are crossed and the i's are dotted? The wedding is a huge success. The food was great. The band was incredible. The photographer did a stellar job. The flowers were beautiful. And the wedding vowels brought tears to everyoneís eyes. This was not a miracle. It all happened due to a great plan and flawless execution.

The same holds true for Juniorís 1st birthday party. The party was held at a popular kidís restaurant and hosted by professionals that dot the iís and cross the tís every day of the week. They know exactly what kids love and they make sure they receive everything they expect.

Yet as human beings, we find it difficult to find the time to write down our business and personal goals, and create a plan of action to achieve them. Time passes quickly, and we always have excuses as to why we don't have the time to plan. But if we are mature enough to face reality, those of us who do not plan and set goals, avoid doing so, usually because we are afraid to publicly commit to something and then not achieve it. We are afraid to fail.

However, throughout the history of mankind, the greatest achievers were also the greatest failures. They learned from every failure and got better because of it.

In addition to the fear of failure, some may fear that by setting goals, they will be regimenting their lives. They enjoy living spontaneously, and donít want to turn into an automated robot. This makes sense. But it misses a crucial point:

No matter how much ANYONE plans or sets goals, life is a continuous series of changing events, the majority of which are totally out of oneís control. In other words, something always comes up; the marketplace changes; products that were considered genius become obsolete overnight; etc.

But the critical difference between Goal Setters and Non-Goal Setters is DIRECTION. Those with goals have something pulling them forward even when plans donít work out. Those without goals have nothing pulling them forward. They just get tossed around by all of the events that pop-up and have no idea as to which direction to head toward.

So donít be afraid that you will become regimented. Life wonít let it happen. Something will always show up to knock you off your tracks. But make sure that you have your GOALS pulling you forward after the setback or distraction passes. If you do, you will always see your life moving forward.

Now is the time, if you have not already done so, to plan for a GREAT 2014. Set your personal goals first. Where do you want to go on vacation? What things do you want for yourself and your family? What money or resources will it take to accomplish those personal goals? What income will you have to produce for the year, each month, each week and each day to accomplish those goals? Break things down in small pieces. It's really easy to do and can be fun. It gives you a reason to get up every day and work hard.

After you set your goals, get your employees involved and make them a part of the process. Reward them for achieving their own goals. Spread the excitement and passion around to as many participants as possible. With a team effort going in your business, you will make the New Year more exciting and prosperous for everyone. Don't put it off. Do it now! HAVE A GREAT 2014!

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