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Learning The True Value Of Time
Written by Joe Rossini

Why is it that it takes us humans so long to figure out the true value of time? When we are brought into this world, we have no conception of time. As children in our single digits, we are so impatient to grow older and do things that big people are allowed to do. Time has very little meaning.

In our early teens, we are restricted from doing what adults may be allowed and are resentful during the ages of 13-18. But those teenage years pass quickly, without any real value to the precious hours of each day.

We then become of driving age and we gain mobility, but we still have restrictions placed on us because we are not yet 21. However, when we finally hit that magic age of adulthood, we learn that it’s really no big deal. Twenty one years have now past without recognizing the value of time.

And life goes on. We look forward to meeting the love of our life, having a good job, buying a nice house, raising a family, going on a nice vacation, being a grandparent, and retiring.

During most of this time, we are usually busy, busy, busy. We are always rushing to do everything. We are so impatient. We heard the phrase “stop and smell the roses,” but who has the time to do that silly thing?

So back to the original question posed at the beginning of this article: “Why is it that it takes us humans so long to figure out the true value of time?” Well, we value things based on the supply of it; and in the case of “time,” we value it largely on its “perceived” supply. When you are a child, the perception is that you have all the time in the world. So naturally, the value placed on it will be quite low.

But then at some point in our life, an illness may strike, and force you to take time out from your hectic life. You might spend weeks in bed, reflecting on the meaning of life and all that you have experienced. You learn more about the treasures of life and the true value of that scarce and precious gift called time. If only we could have figured out the True Value of TIME at the age of six or seven. It only takes one such experience like this and our lives are changed forever.

In the above scenario, the perceived supply of time has changed. We perceive that there’s less of it, and naturally the demand for it increases. The above examples point out something very important: Time, by itself, has no value. People put a value on time. And since there are over 6 billion people on this Earth, it follows that there are over 6 billion different values on time, and the values are constantly changing.

So what can you do if you really want to place a HIGH value on time? What can you do to make each moment really valuable? Answer: Make it seem scarce. In other words, decrease your perceived supply.

How do you do that? Answer: By having BIG goals!

Set goals for yourself that really make you stretch. Set goals that will demand that you become so much bigger and so much greater than you are right now. Make them so big that it’ll make you question whether or not you will have enough time in your life to make it all happen.

Once you’ve got your big goal or dream, get to work! Every moment now has more value. You won’t waste time. After all, there’s no time to waste; you’ve got your goal to reach. And you’re not sure that you’re going to have enough time to make it.

This doesn’t mean that your life now becomes a giant rush. That’s no way to live either. Life is not just for striving; it’s also about enjoying each and every moment. You just become more AWARE of your time; you now think about its value before you act. So why not reflect on your life and discover the True Value of TIME, before an illness serves as your teacher. Invest and enjoy time wisely and realize that it is scarce, precious and the most important asset in life.

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