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The Importance Of Customer Service
Written by Joe Rossini

As you grow older, you have the opportunity to experience more interactions with people in job positions serving customers. Each day you have the chance to associate with people who either impress you by their efficiency and courtesy or disappoint you with their excuses and uncaring attitudes. Too many people seem to maintain their jobs because of seniority or because there is no one better challenging them for their position.

I often wonder why employers arenít on the prowl to find new help to upgrade their staff and improve their customer service. Sure it takes some extra effort to interview people and then invest some time to train them. But the penalty for not doing so is dissatisfied customers and lost revenue.

As a consultant and trainer, I try to teach people to BE THE BEST that they can be in their careers as well as in their personal life. I sincerely believe that being conscientious and caring is the quickest way to finding happiness in your work and at home. Everyone wants to be around a positive person, with lots of energy, who makes things happen. Once recognized, these are the people that move through the ranks of a company quickly, earning the best salaries, bonuses and company benefits. These are subsequently the people who become the next generation of entrepreneurs and business owners.

I believe it is every business ownerís responsibility to give their customers EXCELLENT CUSTOMER SERVICE and a value proposition that they cannot refuse. Not doing so lets everyone down from the owners, to the employees to the customers. There is too much competition today to give lousy service to your clients and expect to be around in five to ten years.

If you are a manager or business owner reading this article, consider taking a new approach to improving your business and your life in general. Get back to the basics that got you where you are today.

Employees that are actually in contact with the consumer are in a crucial position. These employees are what the customer judges the company by. The customer forms his opinion from their interactions. It doesnít matter if upper management would bend over backwards for the customer; if the employee that deals with the customer gives the impression that he or she could care less, then thatís what the customer has to go by.

Begin a quest to improve the service you provide to your customers by making sure your employees are positive, conscientious and caring. Donít accept mediocrity. When someone wonít change their attitude, exit them from the company and find hungry people looking for an opportunity to take their position.

If there are laws on the books that prohibit you from hiring and firing as you please, then it is in your best interest to lobby to have those laws removed. After all, your business is your property; itís your capital that you are putting at risk. You have a natural right to hire and fire in the best interest of your organization.

Itís easy to recognize when employees have been trained in customer service. If you take the Disney store in any shopping mall for example; they make you feel like your back in Disney World. You can tell that these employees have been carefully selected and properly trained. You get a sense that there is a feeling of continuity throughout the whole Disney organization. After all, youíre just in a mall somewhere, yet you get the same treatment as if you were in Disney World.

Find out what Disney does and do the same in your organization. You want your employees to best represent your company. Show your employees that you are serious about customer service.

Everybody will win. Your customers will be happy because people love to be treated right; the company will pull in more revenues and have the ability to hire even higher skilled employees; and the employees will be happy because they work in a great environment and have the opportunity to make more money.

Customer service COUNTS!

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