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By Joe Rossini

We live in a very complex world where it may seem like the cards are stacked against us. Every day we are bombarded with new challenges and lots of negativity. Since my life is just like yours, I face the same challenges that you do. We all have work challenges, family challenges, and health challenges, just to name a few. However, we must always face up to the realities of life, find solutions and take immediate actions. Hopefully you will find some solutions here.

Throughout my lifetime, I have always shared my stories and enthusiasm with those that were interested in listening. I enjoyed sharing whatever wisdom I gathered to individuals or to groups of several hundred people. This sharing and caring has brought satisfaction and happiness into my life as well as to those I have been able to inspire.

This website, is just a continuation of what I have been practicing for the last 35 years. I originally designed it for people who knew me either personally or professionally. That number runs into the thousands. However, the membership of this site has attracted more caring strangers than I ever anticipated.

Being a member enables you to share your experiences on the site. There are no membership fees to join. This is not the typical dotcom looking for a way to make a quick buck by bombarding you with annoying advertisements and ridiculous offers. You will be pleasantly surprised to learn that no one pays me one penny to cover the costs of this site. I have no advertisers or anyone to please. I created this site to organize and use the many resources found here for my own use. Then share them with other caring people and professionals who also want to learn and share.

This site is dedicated to my parents Rose and Jim, who were the greatest inspiration in my life. I always wanted them to be proud of me and I am sure they would be if they were alive and able to see what I am trying to accomplish with

So “Why be a Member?” If you have a desire to share, learn and grow along with a community of other people, then you will want to join. If you are an angry or negative person, please stop right here and go to another site. There are plenty of places on the web where you can sound off and complain. This site is for people looking for more ways to find peace, happiness and success during their short visit to planet earth. If you join, I hope you enjoy the resources that are presented and at some point contribute your knowledge to the site. We'll help you get Exactly where you want to go!

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