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Question-Week ending Sunday 07/04/04:
We described the Ultimate Level of Love in this week’s Pre-Poll Commentary. Please describe your experience with this Ultimate Level of Love. Please read our Pre-Poll Commentary before taking this poll.

Pre-Poll Commentary:

Our 23rd keyword in our poll series on moods and emotions is LOVE. For the purpose of this poll we will describe the meaning of LOVE as "the ultimate, highest level and most desired emotion we have to share."

A complete list of the polls in this series can be found below:

Introduction to Positive Moods and Emotions

Love is not an easy emotion to describe. It is more of a state of mind that creates the many positive parts of our life. I believe that human beings are constantly searching for and are driven into action by, this powerful and dynamic emotion.

The word love has so many meanings when used as a descriptive word. It can mean the ultimate affection for a person, a passion or an entity. People love their mates, parents, children or their God. They love their country, their company, their alma mater, their sports teams or their work. They love art, music, reading or attending activities and events that are deemed pleasurable. They love their homes, their cars or material things. They love to eat, drink and be happy.

Love at lower levels can be elusive. We can have it today and lose it tomorrow. Many people fall in and out of love at the lower levels that are described in the above paragraph.

But for the purpose of this poll - we will try to describe the ultimate level of love that one may achieve during their life. That would be the TRUE LOVE at the highest level experienced by two caring individuals. Friends for life. Living together and growing together through decades of experiences. Meeting when they are not attracted to each other by material resources or grand promises that too many people never fulfill. Experiencing tough challenges together and always supporting and caring for each other regardless of those challenges. Caring for each other when sickness or disasters attack. Always finding the energy needed to be mustered from one's heart. Not always agreeing with each other - but bonded together by the glue of true love and respect. This is the ultimate level of love!

Many of us have witnessed this level of love in our parents or grandparents. Those who were bonded together in a loving relationship for 30, 40, 50 or 60 years together. There was never a doubt that this level of love was something very special. This ultimate level of love didn't come and go or change. It was consistent and constant and could be counted on as reliably as the cycle of day and night on planet earth. You know you have reached this level when your loved one falls asleep and wakes up by your side every day, until your physical body leaves the earth. That's THE ULTIMATE LEVEL OF LOVE! Let us know in this week's poll, your experience with this Ultimate Level of Love. This poll will end on Sunday 07/04/04, when the results will be displayed.

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  • 37% of voters chose "I AM SEARCHING for the Ultimate Level of Love NOW!"
  • 29% of voters chose "I AM EXPERIENCING the Ultimate Level of Love NOW!"
  • 20% of voters chose "I HAVE NEVER EXPERIENCED the Ultimate Level of Love!"
  • 12% of voters chose "I HAVE EXPERIENCED the Ultimate Level of Love IN THE PAST!"
  • 02% of voters chose "I DO NOT NEED this Ultimate Level of Love in my life!"
Post-Poll Commentary:
This poll on the Ultimate Level of Love with a partner for life is probably the most meaningful poll or article I will ever write about. Because it describes one of the worthiest relationships one can strive for in life.

As we venture through life, we will engage in so many different relationships. There's no doubt that many of the relationships are important to us while we are engaged in them. For instance the loving relationship with our parents or children is wonderful - but is more like a time release relationship. We leave our parents at some point in life and our children leave us as well. We all still love and respect each other and would do all we can to make them happy. But we have to go home to our own independent lives and responsibilities. And there can be no better home to return to, than the one where your ultimate lover is waiting for you.

When you experience ultimate love, two people almost become one being. You may know your lover better than you know yourself. You live "to make them happy" and by doing so you create a happy life for yourself. You have a true partner to share everything with - good or bad. A partner who will usually have different strengths to compensate for your own weaknesses. A partner with different interests to teach you and enlighten you about things you would never take the time to learn. A partner to share the tasks and responsibilities of life with - that would perhaps otherwise not get accomplished. A partner who doesn't have to remind you about their love every day - you just know by their actions how much they love you. To experience this ultimate level of love in your life is a true blessing!

By our poll results this week, it appears that only a 2% minority feel they don't need this level of love in their life. That says a great deal about life in this 21st century. We still are searching for a wonderful person to share our life with. But remember that once you find that person - each partner MUST set a lifetime goal to make each other the happiest person in the world. Just reciting beautiful vowels together is easy. Years of sharing and caring is true love. It takes lots of patience, perseverance and sacrifice on each other's part to achieve this ultimate level of love. You can't be a quitter and throw in the towel whenever the going gets tough.

Being successful in a lifelong loving relationship - requires the same ingredients you need to achieve any type of success in life. But experiencing ULTIMATE LOVE is truly achieving ULTIMATE SUCCESS!

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