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Question-Week ending Sunday 07/25/04:
By what age do you think one MUST TAKE GREAT PRIDE IN THEMSELVES, for it to last throughout their lives? Please read our Pre-Poll Commentary before taking this poll.

Pre-Poll Commentary:

Our 26th keyword in our poll series on moods and emotions is PRIDE. For the purpose of this poll we will describe PRIDE as "a sense of one's dignity, values and self-respect in their thoughts and in their actions." A complete list of the polls in this series can be found below:

Introduction to Positive Moods and Emotions

A few months ago, one of my consulting clients asked me the following question during a phone session - "What is the number one quality you possess - that MOST contributed to your lifelong success?" I had to think for a couple seconds - but then immediately responded with MY PRIDE! Taking pride in my actions and details relating to my life was always a top priority for me.

As we look around us every day, wherever we might be - we can almost immediately spot signs of pride. For instance, when we were visiting college campuses recently, you can spot pride almost immediately in the air. Some campuses were unkempt - from the buildings to the landscaping. While others had manicured lawns, beautiful flowers and floors that are shiny and bright. It only took a few minutes to see these vast differences in pride.

The same holds true when you first walk into a restaurant. Some are dark, dusty and have silverware that looks like it was purchased at an army-navy store - remnants of World War II. Then you'll walk into a restaurant maintained by an owner with great pride. You'll find just the opposite. Beautiful fresh flower arrangements on a starched white tablecloth; attractive dishes, silverware and glassware; freshly painted and cheerful surroundings. Where would you rather eat and spend your hard earned money?

I believe your PRIDE plays a major role in your happiness and success. Your pride creates your attitude, displays your dignity, your values and your self esteem. It makes a statement about who you are to yourself and anyone who comes in contact with you. And it should never be compromised. Let us know how you feel in this week's poll regarding PRIDE. This poll will end on Sunday 07/25/04, when the results will be displayed.

Please take a moment to share this poll with another caring person you know by clicking on the "e-mail a friend icon" below. Our polls and commentaries are enjoyed by hundreds of individuals weekly, with previous polls featured in the top ten of search engines like Google and Yahoo.

  • 32% of voters chose Age 20 when asked "By what age do you think one MUST TAKE GREAT PRIDE IN THEMSELVES, for it to last throughout their lives?"
  • 23% of voters chose Age 15 when asked "By what age do you think one MUST TAKE GREAT PRIDE IN THEMSELVES, for it to last throughout their lives?"
  • 16% of voters chose Age 25 when asked "By what age do you think one MUST TAKE GREAT PRIDE IN THEMSELVES, for it to last throughout their lives?"
  • 14% of voters chose Age 30 when asked "By what age do you think one MUST TAKE GREAT PRIDE IN THEMSELVES, for it to last throughout their lives?"
  • 11% of voters chose Age 10 when asked "By what age do you think one MUST TAKE GREAT PRIDE IN THEMSELVES, for it to last throughout their lives?"
  • 4% of voters chose Age 7 when asked "By what age do you think one MUST TAKE GREAT PRIDE IN THEMSELVES, for it to last throughout their lives?"
Post-Poll Commentary:
In my opinion the subject of PRIDE should definitely be discussed more often throughout our lives. If individuals took more pride in their actions, many of our problems and challenges in this world would dimimish greatly. People would make better decisions based on some set of positive fundamental values to live by.

Our poll question this week was intended to open our minds about what age individuals need to begin practicing pride in themselves. Everyone matures differently. However, our TV is overloaded with teenagers, young adults and even mature adults who take no pride whatsoever in their actions. This medium unfortunately sets the stage for acceptable ways individuals should act and think. Too many shows present behavior that will counter any efforts toward developing pride in oneself. Thus, avoiding shows that breakdown one's pride should be a top priority.

Our poll results indicate that 70% of our respondents believe that great pride in one's behavior should be practiced by age 20 to be lifelong lasting. Of course this is pure conjecture. But I do believe that the earlier one takes pride in all of their actions....the better. The maturing process is quite different for every individual. However, PRIDE is not bestowed upon individuals at any given age. It is a learned emotion and must be nurtured as early as possible. Your pride is fed by positive experiences and small successes throughout your life. Like all things in life, the early bird gets the worm.

Like all of our polls, we like to get the mental juices flowing and learn as much as we can about ourselves. We can all learn from each other and I take great pride in presenting these ideas to you!

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