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Question-Week ending Sunday 10/13/02:
Making an honest assessment, rate the time and effort you devote toward learning about and practicing HEALTHY EATING disciplines. Assuming a scale of 10 (highest) to 2 (lowest). Please read the Pre-Poll Commentary before taking this poll.

Pre-Poll Commentary:

This week's poll will be the start of a series of polls about practicing the Daily Dozen Disciplines, discussed in last week's edition. We'll begin this series with the discipline of EATING HEALTHY MEALS.

Keep in mind that I am not a nutritionist and I am certainly not about to tell you how to EAT HEALTHY. We are all individuals, with different levels of education, awareness, tastes and beliefs. However, I am sure that most of us will agree that there are many "food items" that are not very healthy for extensive human consumption - regardless of how good they may taste. I'm also sure that we all agree that eating these "food items" regularly, will eventually have a negative effect on the proper functioning of your body's systems.

Now that we have clarified those general statements, let's briefly discuss the attitudes and beliefs of eaters. Many people eliminate meat, fish, dairy and other foods from their diet completely, in an effort to "EAT HEALTHY." I think that they have great willpower and I have a great deal of respect for their convictions. They do all they can to live healthy and practice great disciplines. Other people eat or drink anything and everything that is associated with the word food or beverage - many times in quantities that cause heartburn or pain after their meals. It's difficult to respect the choices of these individuals, with regard to HEALTHY EATING.

Then we may have the middle of the ground people, who try to find that perfect balance in the way they eat and drink. They may eat a wide variety of quality and "healthy" foods, in small quantities with little repetition.

I personally love to eat. It is a passion for me to really enjoy a great meal. I am so fortunate to have a wife who is an EXTRAORDINARY CHEF in her own right and cooks healthy and tasty meals. I also love to cook up a delicious breakfast, lunch or dinner and eat it with great passion. My wife and I also love to dine at fine restaurants. We enjoy a wide variety of tasty preparations and eating well makes us very happy. However, we work just as hard at shedding the calories we just ate, through vigorous and disciplined exercise. Balance is our strategy. Not too much of anything. Stay away from the bad stuff that we all know about. Eat fruits and vegetables often. Drink lots of water. Then we practice the old Caribbean phrase "Don't worry - Be Happy."

So where do you stand when it comes to eating healthy? Let us know. In our summary for this poll, we will lead you to websites that will appeal to your appetite for knowledge concerning healthy eating. But keep in mind that this is a VERY IMPORTANT DAILY DISCIPLINE.

This poll will end on Sunday 10/13/02. Watch for the results and summary by Monday morning 10/14/02.

1. 06% reported Unbelievable (10) effort toward eating habits
2. 19% reported Extreme (08) effort toward eating habits
3. 50% reported Moderate (06) effort toward eating habits
4. 17% reported Little (04) effort toward eating habits
5. 08% reported Indifferent (02) effort toward eating habits

Post-Poll Commentary:
The poll results for healthy eating had extraordinary balance. With 50% voting moderate and 25% above and 25% below the moderate level. Assuming that Moderate is eating healthy, we should all be in great condition. However, if moderate means average, then that could be another story. Because the average American diet is not very healthy or very balanced.

As I stated above, I believe that maintaining balance in our lives is extremely important to all of us. All systems in the universe, including those in our bodies work best at balanced levels. If at the end of the day we know that we have consumed a balanced diet of food and beverages, we will feel great and think positive. If we overindulge in eating fatty, greasy foods or consume too much alcohol or sugar beverages, we will feel lousy and think poorly. None of us are perfect, but that doesn't mean that we shouldn't set very high goals and standards for eating healthy and enjoying food.

Learn all you can about your body and set high standards for eating healthy and enjoyable meals. You only get one body in life. Cherish it and treat it like a Sacred Temple. Love it and respect it. Don't treat it like a rented apartment in a rundown neighborhood. Be passionate and learn the art of eating healthy Visit our Healthy Living Section for more resources. Or check out this article on Tips For Eating Healthy when dining out.

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